Recent Event Testimonials

It has opened me up to a great group of women who can understand the trials we all go through to raise our difficult kids.

I have come to rely on this weekend twice a year to get myself a much needed break. To recharge.

I feel connected to people I never knew. We get so lost in our lives that we think we are the only ones and have to reinvent the wheel with our kids. It’s not true! We can normalize our life paths for each other and offer comfort and empathy that no other can. I love it! I am not alone anymore.

It has made me a better caregiver? And given me a sense of self worth again.

Learned how to lighten up and made some great new friends

It has made me have something to look forward too . Not that I will only take care of my self 2 times a yr but will have extra special way to do that.

I was dealing with severe Anxiety, Depression, Secondary Trauma, and Toxic Stress, due largely to many of the same diagnoses that my children had developed from early childhood trauma. I thought I was alone, I was failing. I wondered what I was doing wrong, and how everyone else seemed to have it figured out. Silently, I just kept pretending that I had it all figured out too. Then I stumbled upon this retreat. There I met a whole room full of women that fully understood the challenges I faced, with raising children from traumatic backgrounds. We realized that most of us were all plugging along pretending like everything was fine, even when it wasn’t. I was not alone. I found my tribe. And it was with this new tribe, that I could, metaphorically, set all down all of my overwhelming challenges, for a moment, and take care of me, heck, rediscovering what that really even looked like. There were therapeutic activities, positive learning experiences, mini-classes on bullet journal to stay organized, how to deal with stress, and FUN so much fun! We were pampered with massages. We had our hair, makeup, and nails done. The women there were fed; both physically and emotionally. Now that I have gone, I have this wonderful getaway is now a need to go instead of a want to go. If you are raising children with childhood trauma or invisible disabilities, if you feel like you are walking that difficult path alone, if you feel like you don’t know how you can do it, come join us, relax, refuel, and have an amazing time. Come join our tribe.

Love having moms who get my life

It’s made me realize more and more that I need to take care of myself, to be able to take care of my family. I’m already doing better with the tips and tricks that were shared and loving the community I’ve found after the fact. There will be many lifelong friends.

Nice break from the stressful but wonderful mommyness of life. Especially since I went with my best friend!

I feel like I’m not alone anymore.

When I first get to the event, I’m tired and stressed. By the time I leave, I am so relaxed and full of energy that I then get to bring home with me, ready to return to the kids and the trials.

Knowing I am not alone in having troubled kids is one of the best therapies! Just sharing stories and hearing how others cope, learning how to make my tolerance levels bigger and last longer through values and goals has been crucial to my sanity!

It has me hopefully for my future, it reminded me how nice it is to do something nice for me.

It helped me feel normal. So nice to converse with other adults. I broke out of my comfort zone to play with strangers. Helped me to set goals for the next 6 months.

Knowing that I’m not alone and to learn how and why self care is important

It has made me prioritize my needs better and made me realize how many other moms “get it!”

It refilled my depleted well.

Incredible friends and support

It makes me a nicer person and a more patient parent!

* For the privacy of our FAMBTM attendees, we chose not to share names.