About Us

<center>Krissy Scoresby</center>

Krissy Scoresby

Founder of From A Mom Back To Me

Being a mom has always been my desire since I was a young girl growing up in the Pacific Northwest. I moved to Utah in the ‘90s, met my husband, and we married in 2002. Knowing we were sterile, we jumped right into adoption and 2 weeks after our second anniversary we adopted our son. We soon learned he has FASD. We have been guided in our parenting journey by amazing therapists, books, and excellent support groups. This last year we had the opportunity to add to our family. Our 13 year old daughter and her 14 year old brother. Adopting older children with trauma and learning difficulties has been a challenge.

Founding and working with FAMBTM has given me a purpose and drive I never felt before. As a mom of children with hidden disabilities, I know first hand the amount of time required to be their parent. This event has given me a new sense of community, acceptance, and love. It is easy to feel like you are on this journey alone. You are not! I am not!!! And we can find other moms in similar circumstances to show them our support as well.

When I’m not reading, watching a movie or a good old Hallmark flick, I love to travel and do art projects with my kids (well, watching them do art ??). I’m excited to build relationships I’ve made through FAMBTM and can’t wait to meet all of our new members!

<center>Joy Hacking</center>

Joy Hacking

CEO of From A Mom Back To Me

I was born and raised in California. We moved to Utah with our two sons in 2005. Our daughter was born one year later. Adoption was close to our hearts and we had hoped to adopt a little girl to complete our family.

Our foster care journey began when we fostered and adopted our 1-year-old BOY. We figured we can have a family with 5 kids instead of 4. What’s one more? Everyone needs a place to call home.

We decided to try again for a little girl. Our plans changed when we took an emergency placement of four brothers who would be separated if they could not find a home immediately. We quickly fell in love and were able to adopt them.

Our daughter (7) was still the only girl. Although she loved her brothers dearly, it only took a month before she started praying daily for a sister. One of her brothers wanted to help. He started praying daily with her. Then another brother joined in too. Some little girl out there needs a place to call home.

God must not have realized this was a COLLECTIVE prayer and not three individual prayers! At the end of that year, I received the biggest birthday present ever. We accepted a foster/adoption placement of three sisters destined to be separated had we not taken them.

When I think of all our children have lost; I could not bear the thought of them losing the one thing they had left, their siblings. And THAT is how I became a mama that went from 3 to 11 kiddos in a matter of 4 years.

We have many mental health acronyms in our family. PTSD, ADHD, ASD, DD, SPD, FASD, RAD, OCD, ODD, IED, DMDD, GAD, CAPD, TS, and depression.

I truly hope you find love, support, and friendship in our community From a Mom Back to Me.